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Water Damage Restoration

Flooding from external sources, plumbing failures or water leaks could result in mold or water damage in your home. Additionally, any excess moisture can also lead to mold in the future, so it is absolutely critical not only for your property well being, but your personal well being to be sure that all the water is gone.

For all your water damage restoration needs, contact Rockford Plumbing & Water Damage Restoration of Grand Rapids, MI. We specialize in restoring damage caused by a variety of natural and unfortunate disasters, and we offer a range of services to assist you and your home or business. Our quality trained specialists are here to provide you with immediate professional service you can depend on.

Our Damage Restoration Services Include:

  • Flood damage restoration
  • Fire and smoke damage restoration
  • Storm damage repair
  • Basement flood cleanup
  • Sump pump failures

Rockford Plumbing is a leading water damage restoration company with many years of experience, will repair and clean up the problem fast! We do not rest until all of the water is gone, the plumbing issue fixed, and your property restored completely to its original state.

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